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We are the experts in arranging holidays for disabled people with medical conditions and disabilities. Not sure on something or have a question; then just ask us, we aim to ensure you are 100% happy with every detail of your holiday from the time of booking until you return home.

Donít forget the best adapted rooms are always the most popular. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Our advice and frequently asked questions intend to be an aid to travel planning and is not in any way a concrete guide. We cannot take any responsibility for individuals health or travel experiences whilst on holiday. We specialise in holidays for the disabled. Please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 622 6000 if you have any questions regarding your holiday accessibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Arrange Mobility Equipment Hire?
Yes we can
Through our sister company Mobility Equipment Hire Direct we can arrange mobility equipment hire worldwide, such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters, bathroom equipment and hoists. Not all destinations have the same equipment it therefore is important to highlight to your advisor at the beginning what equipment you require.
Mobility Equipment for disabled holidays

Mobility Equipment for disabled holidays This can at times alter your destination, for example we can provide a profiling bed in the Canary Islands apart from Gran Canaria. Furthermore not all hotels are in the position to accommodate mobility equipment this needs to be checked when booking the accommodation.

Can You Arrange An Adapted Transfer?
Yes we can
Through our sister company Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis we can arrange adapted transfers worldwide. We have a variety of size of vehicles allowing couples or families to travel together to their hotel. This changes from destination to destination therefore it is important to highlight to your advisor your needs.
Adapted Transfers for disabled holidays

Adapted Transfers for disabled holidays While we are finding new suppliers every week there are a few destinations we are yet to find an adapted transfer. For example at the moment there is no adapted transfer available in Egypt we can still arrange standard transfers for those who can transfer to a standard vehicle and their wheelchair fold into the boot.

How Can I Get Around At The Airport?
Disabled Holidays - Special Assistance
The Special Assistance Team
Your advisor will arrange wheelchair assistance with the airline, this assistance is actioned at check in. The special assistance team will meet you from check in and aid you through security and to the boarding gate. When it is time to board the special assistance team will be there to aid you to your seat. If you can walk you can walk to your seat. If not, you will be transferred to an aisle wheelchair, taken to your seat and manually transferred to your seat.

If you require assistance from another point in the airport this can be arranged directly with the special assistance team on the day. The majority of airports have intercom systems or phones in their car parks and drop off bays the special assistance team can be contacted at this point if you require help into the terminal. Please highlight your needs to your advisor when booking if you require further information or help at the airport.
The Lounge
An airport lounge is often a nice way to start your holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the main terminal. In the UK the majority of the lounges are wheelchair accessible with accessible toilets. Once through security the special assistance team can take you to the airport lounge before your flight departs and return to collect you to board. If you are interested in booking an airport lounge please inform your advisor and they can source a price for you. It may be worth noting that not all abroad lounges are fully accessible, this can be checked at the time of booking if you would like to book for your journey home.
Can I Take My Wheelchair Overseas?
Yes you can...but!
We can arrange with airlines free transportation of a manual foldable wheelchair. You can sit in your chair up to boarding the gate and then it will be stored in the aircrafts hold. Alternatively on your disabled holiday you can check your wheelchair in with your bags and use an airport wheelchair to the aircraft. We advise that you check if your insurance covers your wheelchair just in case it is damaged whilst on holiday.

For the transit of electric wheelchairs and scooters we recommend you contact us on 0800 622 6000 as restrictions (weight and dimensions) vary from airline to airline.
Can You Arrange Aircraft Seats?
This depend on the airline...
We can arrange seats for our clients, airlines have different rules as to where their disabled clients are allocated on the aircraft. As a rule we are able to allocate medical seating for 2 people free of charge with the airline. Other seats would need to be paid for. If the medical seats allocated are not suitable seats can usually be paid for. Not all airlines offer front row seats for their disabled passengers if this is essential please let your advisor know as this can affect who you can fly with and even the destinations available to you.
Can You Arrange Medical Luggage?
We can arrange medical luggage for our clients with the airlines. All airlines are different and have different rules and regulations regarding medical equipment. As a rule disabled clients can travel with two pieces of medical luggage free of charge. If one of the items is a medical bag the airline will often require an itemised list and weight of the bag. It is also sensible to travel with either a doctor's letter or a recent prescription to avoid any problems at the airport.
I Have Specific Medical Requirements For My Hotel, Can These Be Accommodated??
Our clients are all different and have a variety of needs, in the past we have helped clients who are peg fed or require oxygen to have this delivered to their hotel. We have arranged or put clients in touch with care providers if they require care for the duration of their holidays. We are here to help make your holiday as comfortable as possible allowing you to fully enjoy your stay. If you do have any specific requirements please let your advisor know when discussing your holiday options.
I Need A Room Adapted To My Needs, Is This Possible?
We specialise in booking wheelchair adapted rooms and properties with wheelchair access in properties in UK, Europe and the rest of the world. In contrast to other companies not specialising in holidays for disabled people, we will not book flights until we have received a confirmation of the accessible room booking. This can take a few days but it does guarantee the accessible room before booking the flights and incurring costs. Companies not specialising in holidays for disabled people cannot usually guarantee an accessible room.
How Long Will It Take To Confirm An Adapted Room?
We know it is important to our clients to have their holiday wrapped up as quickly as possible. In general, we try to confirm an adapted room within 24-48 working hours, however it can sometimes take a few days based on destination/season.
Travelling With A Disability
Always consider if the climate/terrain you are going to is suitable for your level of fitness. Consider purchasing some medical alert jewellery - there are many types available. If you are going to a non English speaking country why not consider having a letter translated which explains your medical condition. If you would like to be in a resort close to a medical centre then please let us know.
Travelling With Medication And Medical Supplies?
You should have your medication with you at all times, we recommend taking your medication onto the aircraft with you in your hand baggage so if your suitcase does go missing you have all your medication to hand. As there are currently restrictions on taking liquids through security, they may test any liquid medication you are taking onto the aircraft so remember to check in early!

Important: If you are taking a liquid medication you must take a copy of the prescription, use in original packaging and provide a letter/certificate from your doctor or consultant, detailing the medication or medical items being carried and stating they are required for your journey.

It is also possible to put an extra bag in the hold for medical supplies (pads, etc) free of charge if supported by a doctor's letter. Always take too much medication with you this way it ensures you will have no problems while overseas.
Are There Any Hidden Charges?
The quotes we provide include everything you ask for at your initial stage of enquiry, so for example if you have asked for a hoist in your enquiry this will be included in the price.
Can You Advise Me On Hotels Which Have An Accessible Swimming Pool ?
Yes we can
We have a range of hotels which have an accessible swimming pool with either a pool hoist or ramped access. Our advisors can suggest suitable options for you or you can use our Refine Search facility on the left hand side of each resort amd accommodation page to narrow down the selection of accommodations that meets your requirements.

Adapted Transfers for disabled holidays
What Happens If I Am Ill While On Holiday ?
To get good healthcare while overseas travel insurance is a must as healthcare costs can easily spiral. You must declare any medical conditions to your insurance company and they will quote probably two prices. One to cover all medical conditions and another price to exclude all medical conditions. The choice is yours, but please remember that healthcare costs outside of the UK can be very high. Each insurance policy has different terms and conditions so please check these carefully. We do not organise holiday insurance for you, but work in association with a company called AllClear.
All Clear Travel Insurance - Holiday Insurance for Disabled People Call All Clear on 0808 281 0445
When calling please Quote ref: DAH

Is Check In and API Required For Flights?
Most but not all airlines require Check In and API
Most but not all airlines require Advance Passenger Information(API) including Nationality, Passport Number, Date of Birth, Passport Expiry, and Country of issue. If booking your flight with us we will collect your API and check in for you.

Please note, If we are booking flights on your behalf it is essential for us to have the First and Last name of all travellers as shown on the passport at time of booking. The correct spelling of names is essential as name changes to correct mistakes are costly.
Can You Arrange Car Parking ?
Yes we can
We have a range of car parking options to offer our clients from long stay to meet & greet. We have found the meet & greet product to be very popular amongst our clients as they can leave their car at the terminal. If you are interested in booking car parking please let your advisor know and they can send you a variety of products to choose from.