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Tolon, Mainland, Greece
Although busy at weekends and in the high season, largely with Athenians, Tolon (also known as Tolo) has retained the charm and friendliness of the quaint villiage it once was.Tolon lies in the heart of the Argolid, the north-eastern corner of the Peloponnese. All about is evidence of a turbulent and fascinating past. This was the arena of city states, whose battles are now legend. More Resort Info....

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Disabled Holidays - John & George - Tolon, Greece John & George
MainlandTolon - 4 Star
The "John & George" hotel is situated in the old part of Tolo, above the bay. The hotel's location provides an exceptional view across the bay of Tolo, dominated by the two islands of Romvi and Koronisi, and complimented by a working harbor providing anchorage for cruise and fishing boats.