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Whether you’re looking for a weekend break or a longer trip, Belgium and its vibrant cultural scene, with 3 official languages, has a lot to offer to tourists. Belgium also boasts some pockets of truly beautiful countryside in its hilly, wooded south and the flatter north.

Its cuisine is reason alone to justify a visit, with a host of wonderful regional specialities. Belgians love gastronomy. Belgium produces the most diverse range of beers of any country on the planet. They love good food and will invite you to taste their beers, special cheeses, and also their chocolate, bonbons, endives, beef stew, speculaas and the like. And the frites are simply legendary.

Belgium is host to great architecture and a number of prestigious art cities, and is also a region of importance throughout history, being the border between the Romans and Germanic tribes, where the Spanish Habsburgs met their match in the Protestant rebels of the Netherlands, and where Napoleon was defeated – at Waterloo.

When to Go?

Belgium experiences warm summers, sometimes in excess of 25 °C, and cool winters with occasional light snow. Rain is common throughout the year, most frequently in winter. The environment is humid, and some regions are known to experience frequent thunderstorms. Travelling in July or August, you can expect the best weather, and temperatures in range of 20 °C.

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Where to Go?

Disabled friendly accommodation in Brussels, Belgium Brussels has a range of great sights and attractions to see, such as the city’s UNESCO-protected central square, regularly redecorated in themed patterns of one million begonias. Or the swathes of historical architecture and museums. The Atomium, a building in the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal, hosting exhibits in each atom and a panoramic view of Brussels at the top. Or visit Waterloo, featuring a number of interpretive exhibitions and the Butte du Lion.

In five minutes you can walk from a chichi shopping mall, into an African bazaar, and then to a resplendent square of antique shops and exclusive cafés. This is something that increases the city’s allure, not least by way of the sheer variety of affordable cafés and restaurants – Brussels is a wonderful place to eat, its gastronomic reputation rivalling that of Paris. It’s also a great place to drink, with bars ranging from designer chic to rough and ready with everything in between. Disabled friendly accommodation in Brussels, Belgium

Disabled friendly accommodation in Brussels, Belgium Brussels works hard to be accessible to all: elevators in metro stations, tactile paving, audible signals at pedestrian crossings, adapted taxis, and assistance in the metro and on trains. Every day the city continues to improve access to transport, services, recreation and accommodation. Many hotels, restaurants, shops, attractions, museums and cultural sites provide adapted arrangements to help people with reduced mobility make the most of their visit to Brussels.

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What could be more romantic and inspiring than a place that looks like a backdrop for a fairy tale? The mediaeval overtones of Bruges’ cobblestone streets lead to countless historical, architectural and artistic wonders. Marvel at ornate houses lining intricate canals, and understand why this is a favourite destination for all types of travellers. The whole city emanates an appreciation of the past, a love of the present, and enthusiasm for the future. Don’t miss Hof Bladelin, Groeninge Museum, Church of Our Lady, and Belfry and Market Halls.

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Hasselt has been the most prosperous and innovative, making it the centre of the gin industry since the 17th-century. Not only can you learn more about the industry’s history, they also showcase expos, workshops, tastings, and performances. The Bokrijk Openluchtmuseum is one of Europe’s largest open-air museums. Walk into a wistful bliss as you walk through over 100 original antique buildings that are reminiscent of Flanders’ past. De Hasseltse Jeneverfeesten is an event in Hasselt that showcases the rich tradition of Hasselt. Of course, they would not forget to showcase their homegrown jenever (gin) and so the highlight of the festival is when the town’s little Borrelmanneke (barrel-carrying man) fountain is briefly re-plumbed to flow with jenever.

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How to Book?

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