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Mobility Equipment Hire Direct
Our sister company Mobility Equipment Hire Direct is a One Shop Stop for mobility equipment hire at home and abroad.

We takes the stress out of sourcing mobility equipment hire at home, for a holiday, for a short stay away from home or for an event you may be attending. We have an exhaustive list of mobility equipment suppliers in destinations throughout the UK, the rest of Europe and the rest of the world. If one supplier does not have a product we will find another supplier who does. us for any equipment rental requests.

How can Mobility Equipment Hire Direct help you?
  • Try before you buy
  • No responsibility for servicing or maintenance
  • Full pricing of products available on the website
  • Delivery & Collection Included in price
  • Equipment will be at your accommodation for arrival or shortly after
  • Flexible Rental Periods
  • Resort Back Up Service
  • Rental includes breakdown cover so you can have peace of mind
  • Booking and payment online. Just select your equipment and dates and you can book straight away.
Mobility Equipment Hire Direct - Electric Standing Hoist Hire Our range of standing hoists for hire in London offer a mobile sit-to-stand lifting solution to assist the user when rising from a sitting to standing position, easily and safely.
Mobility Equipment Hire Direct - Electric Profile Bed Hire An ideal solution for the short term hire of a hospital bed and mattress. Typically rented to assist an individual in their rehabilitation at home or in order to try out equipment before purchase.
Mobility Equipment Hire Direct - Electric Hoist Hire Electric Hoist Hire make it possible for a carer to transfer someone who has limited mobility or no mobility at all from one location to another, making life easier for both users and carers.
Mobility Equipment Hire Direct - Mobility Scooter Hire Whether you require a mobility scooter for one day or to have on holiday for a few weeks, we can guide you through the best options.
Mobility Equipment Hire Direct - Manual Wheelchair Hire Our wheelchairs offer a low weight for easy folding and transportation, combined with good driving abilities. We also offer heavy duty wheelchairs a bariatric wheelchair designed for maximum comfort.
Mobility Equipment Hire Direct - Electric Wheelchair Hire Power wheelchairs offer great manoeuvrability in indoor and outdoor terrain, and have ease of use as you will not need to exert yourself to be able to travel freely.
Mobility Equipment Hire Direct - Pressure Relief Mattress Hire We carry a full range of medical air mattresses for hire, including a bariatric mattress, hybrid mattress, low air loss mattress, dynamic air mattresse with additional pressure care mattresses for rental.
Mobility Equipment Hire Direct - Walker Hire The walker's sturdy, comfortable seat allows the user to rest while out and about. We have a variety of walkers/rollators available to hire. Knee walkers, orthopaedic leg trolleys and knee walkers to suit your requirements.
Mobility Equipment Hire Direct - Shower Chair Hire We provide both self and attendant propelled shower commode chairs to hire. We can also offer commode pans for hire with our range of disabled shower commode chairs to hire.

And Lots More!

We offer GUARANTEED DELIVERY to your hotel, apartment, home or villa in the UK and abroad on the date that you need it. Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, Commodes, Bath Lifts, Shower Chairs, Walkers, Hoists, Medical Beds, Standing and Rising Aid and lots more are available for hire. All at the best possible price! Mobility Equipment in the UK

If you require any more information about Mobility Equipment Hire at home or abroad please do not hesitate to speak to one of our experienced consultants on 0800 994 9000 or drop us an email at

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