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A historic jewel at the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic packs a sizeable punch for such a small country; from majestic castles to medieval towns, elegant spa resorts to scenic national parks, it has much to offer international visitors. It is also the birthplace of the world’s finest beer.

At the heart of it all is the culture-crammed capital, Prague. Dubbed the “city of a thousand spires,” it comprises beautiful churches, cobbled lanes and medieval bridges, all watched over by a fairy-tale castle. Add to that a mix of ancient monuments, fine dining, old breweries, bustling markets and lively jazz clubs.

The country boasts a wide range of sights, contributing to its growth in tourism, including the stunning wine-growing region of Monrovia, home to rolling hills, traditional food and the spirited cities of Brno and Olomouc; the snow-capped mountains of Krkonoše; the otherworldly rock formations of Ceský Ráj; the wild forests of Šumava National Park; and the historic town of Ceský Krumlov, a fully deserving UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When to Go?

Temperatures can vary quite drastically between seasons, as the Czech Republic is landlocked, coastal winds don’t as easily moderate the temperature. Some of the hottest temperatures of summer can exceed 30 °C, although summer generally tends to be around 20 °C. In winter, snow is common, much more so in higher elevations, and temperatures are typically around 0 °C or less.

Trips to more hilly or mountainous regions can be a great way to escape summer heat, however, it is also more likely for it to rain in higher elevation. Most rain falls from April to July, so it is often advised to visit in August or September. Catching the last gasps of the summer heat around 15 °C, and enjoying sunnier weather, you can visit during the Czech Republic’s “Indian Summer”. At June and July, the temperatures are at their best, reaching up to 20 or 25 °C.

So if this has got you in the mood for a bit of sunshine, feel free to call us on 0800 622 6000 to speak to one of our experienced travel consultants about the best time for a wheelchair accessible holiday in the Czech Republic.

Where to Go?

Disabled friendly accommodation in Brno, Czech Republic The charms of the Czech Republic's second-largest city may not be immediate, but spend a few days in this Moravian town and Brno's vibrant, authentic Czech ambiance will win you over. It's a fine way to experience Czech life without the teeming herds of tourists that visit Prague. Art Nouveau, Empire and Neoclassical buildings stand in the bar - and restaurant-packed old city centre.

The South Moravian capital perfectly combines history, modern architecture, culture and busy nightlife in original bars. You can see the legendary Tugendhat Villa, the mysterious underground, the atomic bomb shelter for the chosen few, an infamous jail, and the second largest ossuary in Europe. Disabled friendly accommodation in Brno, Czech Republic

Disabled friendly accommodation in Brno, Czech Republic The thousands of university students here have always ensured a lively club and entertainment scene, but a wave of next-gen cafes, restaurants and cocktail bars in the past few years has put the city on the map and even invited positive comparisons with Prague. The cosy cafés offer fair roasted mixtures or a coffee decorated with cotton candy. When the sun sets, you will experience the pulse of Brno: exotic and traditional drinks, excellent burgers, beer on tap, and music.

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A number of low-floor buses operate in the city (the type of the bus is always noted in timetables), and low-floor trams were also introduced, which makes travelling in the city centre much easier. The Vltava River runs through the heart of the city and several famous sights border it. Travel over Charles Bridge and along the river banks to enjoy the wide, panoramic views across the water. Disabled friendly accommodation in Prague, Czech Republic

Disabled friendly accommodation in Prague, Czech Republic With regards to entertainment, the opera, ballet and classical concerts are a true highlight. Prague is a city of music, with performances to enjoy all year round in grand opera houses and concert halls, theatres, palaces and ancient churches. And Black Light Theatre is a unique feature of the city. The shows offer a typically Czech experience and are highly visual, so appeal to all ages and nationalities.

For refreshments at any time of the day, the world famous Czech beer is deeply embedded in the national physique, and is enthusiastically consumed in pubs and beer halls all over the city. Pub style restaurants offer hearty food and cheap drinks, while at the top end visitors can experience fine dining in beautiful settings, such as by the river or with a view over the city. Disabled friendly accommodation in Prague, Czech Republic

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How to Book?

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