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Grenaa, Denmark
Grenaa is a purpose-built harbour complete with captive sharks, a historic old town, and 7km of fine, sandy beaches are the defining attractions of Grenaa. The old town, radiating out from Torvet, is the economic and shopping hub of the district. Itás about 4km west of the harbour, where the waterfront is peopled by shark-fanciers and Sweden-bound ferry-goers.

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Disabled Holidays - Dronningens Ferieby - Grenaa, Denmark Dronningens Ferieby
Grenaa - 4 star
Dronningens Ferieby is a holiday village only a stone’s throw from Grenaa Beach, one of Denmark’s best bathing beaches, and in beautiful surroundings. The holiday houses offer first class accommodation for people with accessibility needs, as the owners have had over 25 years’ experience in holidays without obstacles.