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Nicknamed the Floating Garden, Madeira is Portugal’s answer to the Garden of Eden. Disabled holidays in Madeira offer incredible sights of spectacular greenery - while the mountain scenery makes it ideal for walking the levadas and the exciting emerald-green trails - as for chic bars and boutiques, there’s the capital, Funchal.

The good looks aren’t limited to the island’s interior. Make your way down to Madeira’s coast and you’ll come across small rocky coves and pebbly bays. Sand is in limited supply here, but there are a couple of exceptions to the rule. You’ll find a volcanic sweep of sand in Ribeira Brava, and a man-made stretch of beach in Calheta, where the sands have been especially shipped over from Morocco.

Wheelchair users looking for accessible accommodation and disabled holidays in Madeira need not be limited to sprawling countryside and the occasional beach - Madeira’s disabled accessible capital, Funchal, is made up of colonial buildings, basalt churches and slumbering squares. The backstreets of the old town are packed with wine bars and family-run tavernas, while the marina is lined with cafés and seafood restaurants. A gorgeous disabled city break with a myriad of accessible accommodation to suit all wheelchair users.

When to Go?

The best time to visit Madeira is May-August, when average temperatures are in the mid-20s and you only have a handful of rainy days each month.

However, weather in Madeira is so stable that you need not worry about planning and scheduing in order to soak up some sun - Madeira stays sunny all year round.

So if this has got you in the mood for a bit of sunshine, feel free to call us on 0800 622 6000 to speak to one of our experienced travel consultants about the best time for a wheelchair accessible holiday in Madeira.

Where to Go?

Disabled friendly accommodation in Funchal, Madeira As you arrive to Funchal from the airport, nothing quite prepares you for the spectacular sight of the city surrounded by mountains, the deep blue sea, the green valleys, the rolling cluster of houses with beautiful gardens and its stunning bay. Disabled holidays in Funchal also serve up cobbled streets, beautiful gardens and a smart marina, as well as a come with a surprisingly sophisticated line-up of bars and clubs.

There’s a young, hip vibe to Funchal’s nightlife – especially at weekends when the locals are in party mood. Around the marina, cosmopolitan cocktail bars fill up, while the chic restaurants here showcase an inventive repertoire of haute cuisine and Portuguese classics. There’s a good club scene, too, where live bands and DJs keep everyone dancing. Disabled friendly accommodation in Funchal, Madeira

Disabled friendly accommodation in Funchal, Madeira As is with the rest of Europe it is now illegal in Madeira to construct a building without having disabled access and facilities for wheelchair users. So you will find that all of the new modern shopping malls and areas have all been built with this in mind. The Funchal Marina also has disabled facilities with a ramp near the Beer House bar giving access to all the restaurants and snack bars available on this lovely area by the sea. The Calheta beach hotel at Calheta has ramps at the entrance and an easily accessible toilet. Also there are ramps on the sea front meaning one can access the cafes by the marina.

A hidden secret - the footpath between Pico das Pedras and Queimadas, located in the wonderful Santana council, now has facilities for visitors with disabilities. Thus some of the hidden beauty of the Laurissilva Forest can be appreciated on a course of 1980 metres length, which can be made in a wheelchair and where information is provided in Braille and SPS. There is also an lovely walk that starts from the public swimming area of Lido, all the way to Praia (Beach) Formosa. It is about 3km long and you have to follow the paths that are next to the sea. There are plenty of snack bars and restaurants all along the way with amazing scenery. All of this makes Funchal an incredible disabled accessible city break for wheelchair users.

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How to Book?

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