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Start your tailor-made accessible tour with ideas and insight from our disabled holiday specialists.

We offer tailor-made tours and bespoke accessible travel for disabled people. 5 Day Cyprus Gastronomical Tour is just an example of a wheelchair accessible tour from our Tours In Cyprus, Accessible Tours section. If this is not what you are looking for our experienced disabled holiday travel consultants are here to help. Please call us on 03333 355615 to discuss your requirements. Tailor made disabled holidays and accessible tours.

Board Basis: Half Board

This insightful accessible tour allows you to experience traditional Cypriot cuisine, where you will be able to learn hands-on how various traditional foods and beverages are prepared, and visit authentic villages throughout the countryside to get a taste for Cypriot life.

This Package Includes:
  • A tour escort
  • Vehicle transport
  • Fees for entrances and tasting

Day 1: Traditional Cypriot Cuisine Tour
  • On your first day, you will visit the village Anogyra, where carob trees - ‘the black gold of Cyprus’ - are produced. These carob pods can notably be ground down into powder, as a healthy alternative to cocoa powder for chocolate. You will also see a demonstration of preparing ‘pastelaki’, emphasising the importance of carob, in binding together nuts and sesame seeds with carob syrup to create a nut brittle treat.
  • You will also visit a family workshop, where you will see a demonstration of the production of halloumi cheese, and explanation of its origin. If there are enough people in your group, you can also take part.
  • You will then travel to Oleastro Olive Park, a recreational and educational park and museum, emphasising the importance of olives and olive oil to Cyprus. The museum, unique in Cyprus, also features oil extraction methods of the past, and various historical tools and storage items.
  • Afterwards, you will visit the organic herb garden, where you can rejuvenate yourself with an organic, fragrant herbal tea. At the garden you can learn how handmade soap is produced with olive oil in the workshop, and you can watch the distillation process of essential oils.
Day 2: Cypriot Winery and Traditional Tavern
  • You will visit Pano Lefkara, a beautiful village known for its intricate lace and silver handicrafts. You will also visit Kato Drys, showing traditional architecture of the 19th century, expressing wealth and cultural background. While you are in Kato Drys, you will also be able to visit a local winery to have a memorable wine tasting. You will then explore the picturesque Choirokoitia village, where you will receive a culinary demonstration, and you will be able to visit the archaeological site, as it is preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The village was a Neolithic settlement, and has existed for over 2,000 years.
  • Afterwards, you can visit Asgata village, with the restored olive oil and flour museum, as a sample of Cypriot folkloric culture. While you’re there, you’ll also be able to visit a traditional local tavern, with authentic Cypriot tastes.
Day 3: Village Wineries and Sweets Workshop
  • You will begin your day by travelling to Monagri, a picturesque village set against the background of the Troodos Mountains. There, you will be hosted by the ‘Filfar Liqueur House’ where you can see the process of making Filfar, preparation of the grape derivatives, and you will be able to sample the liqueurs. Then you will visit Doros, the name associated with the ancient Greek word ‘doris’ - forest. This is a traditional village with excellent scenery; visitors can enjoy the narrow streets and restored stone houses, and the hospitality of the locals. You will be hosted at ‘Katerina Sweets’, with excellent panoramic views of the surrounding nature, to see the production of homemade sweets at the workshop.
  • You will visit Omodos village, lush with trees and vines, and with beautiful coloured squares and yards, and picturesque, quaint houses. The square has a variety of coffee houses, taverns, and handicraft shops to explore. The Ktima Gerolemo winery is the heart of wine producing in the area, just outside of Omodos. You will be guided through the winery, and introduced to the principles of the organic cultivation of the vines. You will be offered a wine tasting session, too.
  • Lastly, you will visit Vouni, an ancient vine village still making significant contributions to the wine production industry. A local tavern will host you to try some more authentic Cypriot drinks.
Day 4: Lavender Thematic Center and Wine Tours
  • You will visit the Platres village, amphitheatrically in the foothill of the Troodos Mountains massif. The scenery is magical, with the green valley, unique flora, breath-taking waterfalls, and blooming cherry trees and fruit orchards. There, the Lavender Thematic Centre invites you to learn more about lavender and its uses. You can try various lavender treats, and watch a film for the Lavender Festival. Afterwards, at Koilani village you are hosted by a local winery for a tour and wine tasting, and at Amvrosios village, you can enjoy authentic Cypriot dishes at a local restaurant.
Day 5: Korakou Village
  • Korakou village lies in the beautiful Solea Valley region, and the area is well known for cultivating aromatic, local herbs, and distillation of essential oils. The village is in a prestigious location at the foot of the Troodos Mountains, opposite Cyprus’ only copper mine, and a short distance from the sea. Here you will have a unique opportunity to learn more about the historic production of perfumes, at the first and only museum about perfumery. Visitors can see the full process of distillation, using only natural local materials. You can also see and touch the components of the distillation devices, to see how they are put together. Here you can also see the olive mill grinding, and the preparation of traditional Cypriot food. Afterwards you will return to Limassol for your departing flight.

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